Company Background

We clean and recycle down-hole casing and tubing thread protectors used in the oil industry.  We currently supply bags to the trucking company pipe yards.  We then pick them up when they are returned from the various drilling locations.

Protectors are counted, sorted by size, color and type.  Some are saved for resale back to the industry at a substantial cost reduction.  Most plastic is shredded and granulated.  We then sell the granulated product to other recycling companies to use in their manufacturing process.

All our cleaning products are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.  Our cleaning processes use a minimum of water and power.  An active plan for the near future is to install a water recycling plant on our premises.  We would also like to use geo-thermal heat if possible.

The bulk of our business activities take place indoors.  Outdoor activities are loading/unloading trailers and dry storage.

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